Our specials reach from yoga beginner workshops to advanced Master classes from international teachers all around the world. They are designed to help you deepen your practice and/or to explore new sides of yoga.


BUDOKON SPECIALS in FALLWe are excited to welcome back Henry in fall for two Budokon specials. You can join a single session or a combination of the different workshops.

Workshops with Henry The Newman
Sunday, 27.10.2019:
14.00 - 16.00 Uhr: Budokon Yoga
16.30 - 18.30 Uhr: Budokon Animal Locomotion

Tickets: 1 Workshop € 29, Combiticket BDK Yoga & Animal Locomotion € 49



BeginnerClassYoga Basics is a series of 10 sessions which gives a sound Introduction to Yoga. Each class focuses on one group of asana and introduce the correct alignment as well as variations to help you practice safely. Further aspects include breathing techniques (Pranayama) and Meditation.

Starting 18. Sep 2019 Wednesday 7:30-8:45pm
10 session a 60min - pre-registration required
No class on Nov 6, Nov 20 and Nov 27. Last class will be December 11th

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NamasteJoin our unique one day studio retreat to unwind, nourish and restore body, mind and soul.

Full day Experience includes:
- 2 yoga sessions
- Led Meditation & Yoga Nidra
- Group Coaching
- Essential Oil self-massage
- Breakfast, Lunch & Tea

3 October 2019 8am- 6pm
Full day 108€

Register at info@yoga21erlangen.de

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 NEURO YOGA - Relaxing the Nervous System 

NeuroYogaYoga – an integrated practice to regulate our nervous system

NeuroYoga blends the latest neuroscience, yoga Asana, Pranayama and meditation to improve your well-being and experiencing yoga on a different level.

Yoga, especially at the beginning of our path,when most of us focus on asana, is felt primarily on an anatomical level. However, even at this early stage , the effects go deeper: they involve our physiology in ways that can help to regulate our digestive, respiratory, hormonal and cardiovascular systems.

Modern neuroscience has caught up with ancient yogic wisdom, revealing that yoga, meditation, and mindfulness improve your brain, makes you stronger, healthier, more relaxed, and more capable of self-actualization.

This happens mainly by means of rebalancing our autonomic nervous system which, due to receiving a growing number of stimuli in our daily life,might be stuck in a state of constant sympathetic (or parasympathetic) activation.

In this workshops we look at a variety of tools proven to help alleviate physiological symptoms like sleep disturbances, elevated blood pressure, states of perpetuate agitation or gastrointestinal distress. The tools encompass asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation techniques.

Duration: 3 hours
Level: This workshop is open to everybody with a basic knowledge of asana. First experiences with meditation or breathing techniques are helpful.

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ThaiYogaMassageLearn the basics techniques of Thai Yoga Massage.
Thai Yoga Massage is a gentle full body massage which uses no oils or lotions. You remain clothed during the session and rather than rubbing on muscles the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked. The workshop will take place in our studio in Erlangen. We recommend to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

3hr Workshop w/ Corinna
39 Euro per Person

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