Our specials reach from yoga beginner workshops to advanced Master classes from international teachers all around the world. They are designed to help you deepen your practice and/or to explore new sides of yoga.

BeginnerClassYoga Basics is a series of 10 sessions which gives a sound Introduction to Yoga. Each class focuses on one group of asana and introduce the correct alignment as well as variations to help you practice safely. Further aspects include breathing techniques (Pranayama), Meditation as well as aspects of Yoga Philosophy.

Starting January 8th 2020, Wednesdays 7:30-8:45pm 10 session a 75min - pre-registration required No class on Feb 5th. Last class will be March 18th

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 Transforming yourSelf - Tapping into the power of your mind
(Meditation & Mindfulness Weekend)
TappingHave you ever seen yourself become reactive, disappointed, stressed and frustrated when life presents you with a challenge? You start defending yourself, you argue and feel not heard, not respected, made wrong. Your basic survival mechanisms take over.

What if you could respond in a creative way to those lessons that life throws at us? A way of responding in which you can take ownership, seek solutions and move into a state of flow? A way where you are joyfully mastering your life.

This workshop will teach you to transform your patterns and root perspectives to enable you to respond and act differently and turn them into opportunities for growth. We will work with conscious awareness practice as well as relaxation & meditation techniques to tap into our subconsciousness to access those deeper held believes. Be prepared to learn about brain waves, relaxation techniques and discover more about yourself!

This is a 1.5 day mindfulness/meditation workshop. Saturday January 18th 1-6pm & Sunday January 19th 4-6pm No previous knowledge of Yoga or meditation is required.

Led by Mirko
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