We love diversity as it gives inspiration and challenges our own habits & believes. This is why we strongly believe in our international team from various cultures and backgrounds. Come visit us to get to know us.

 Maxi Winde
MaxiFor me Yoga means rediscovering the natural rhythm of live and reconnecting to your inner teacher and the flow of live. My classes are fluid and reach from powerful to introspective & meditative, but are also fun. Aligned with the power of nature we will experience not only stronger solar flows but also the quiet lunar side of yoga. We focus on bringing awareness to the natural rhythm of our breath and body. I encourage my students to always listen to their individual energy level on each day and provide different Kramas (levels) for each Asana. This gives students of all levels the possibility to develop and grow in their own Yoga practice.


 Timo Brückner
timoDuring the revocery process from a knee injury after many years of playing soccer emerged the desire for a more mindful behaviour toward my own body. This was what initially made me try Yoga. At first I took it merely as a physical practice that quickly increased strength, flexibility and the sense of balance. The next step in my yoga path enabled me, amongst other things, to explore – and sometimes even change - patterns of movement, thinking and behavior. By now Yoga for me is an ongoing process that involves body and mind and is capable to affect any aspect of life positively, if we allow.

In my classes I intent to create a save and quiet environment for my students so that they can make their own experience during a practice that can be both challenging and relaxing.


 Stefanie Kern
I discovered yoga through my love of running. I took my first class to get a good stretch while preparing for a half marathon. Soon after I found myself on my mat more and more, diving deeper not only into the physical but rather into the spiritual side of the practice. I have completed my teacher training in India and have gone back repeatedly to explore yogic culture and tradition. I love a strong physical practice just as much as a quiet meditation – shiva and shakti, light and dark, sun and moon; it’s all about finding balance.


 Aysen Guler
Yoga has entered my life while I was suffering from severe back pains due to long and immobile working hours in the office. Then I gave chance to yoga. First I got one month trial, then had an annual subscription. At the end, I found myself in teacher training. I have started my practices with ashtanga but later it has evolved in Hatha style. I have completed my teacher trainings in Istanbul and then I started teaching Hatha yoga classes. Meanwhile I had chance to work with many experienced teachers.

For me yoga is the best way to be in the moment, to feel your presence, your body and your breath in harmony. In contrast to our daily life rhythm, yoga taught me to slow down and listen to my body and my inner voice. I also like to emphasize “presence” in my classes. I teach my classes in a safe environment but I also enjoy adding challenges for students within their boundries.

These 4 verses that I have heard from my beloved teacher Hart Lazer have become a light in my yoga journey.

Let my heart turn to practice.
Let practice become a path.
Let this path dissolve confusion.
Let confusion become wisdom.


 Franziska Scheler
Franzi is an experienced Prana Flow Teacher. After many years of practicing Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga she found her love for Prana Vinyasa Flow. She studied with Sandra Amtmann and is currently completing her 500hours with Shiva Rea. For Franzi Yoga is more than working with the physical body. It’s a philosophy and a life path that never ends. Through the practice on the mat she wants to empower her students to go inwards and connect body, mind and the self.


While searching for body and mind balance, I discovered Yoga. After many years of powerful vinyasa yoga practice I became intrigued by yin yoga. This calm practice is a perfect counterbalance to our hectic lives and offers deep relaxation and recuperation. Yin yoga allows you to listen to your inner voice and focus on the essentials - on and off the mat.

During a “Yin & Yang” teacher training (200 hrs YA, My Shanti Yoga, Nürnberg) I learned how to combine dynamic yang practice (vinyasa yoga) with restorative yin asanas. In addition I completed a yin yoga training with Tanja Seehofer in 2018 (32 hrs, RYT).